Information about the SMAKCED project can be found in this website.

The reduced H band images are public through the German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory. Go here for details.

All the files related to the spectra are password protected.


This README ascii files provides some instructions on how to use the spectra.

The additional files needed can be found here.


The fully reduced and flux calibrated spectra can be found here. It is a single tar compressed file that contains all 39 Virgo Cluster dEs presented in the SMACKED series of papers:

Toloba et al. 2014, ApJ, 783, 120

Toloba et al. 2014, ApJS, 215, 17

Toloba et al. 2015, ApJ in press (arXiv1410.1552)

Half of this sample (18 of the Virgo Cluster dEs) was obtained and published as part of the MAGPOP collaboration (see website here).

The spectroscopic and K band analysis  were previously presented in:

Toloba et al. 2009, ApJ, 707, L17

Toloba et al. 2011, A&A, 526, 114

Toloba et al. 2012, A&A, 548, 78

A correction of one of the tables of Toloba et al. 2012 can be found in

Toloba et al. 2013, A&A, 557, 2