Instrument: Detector

E2V CCD231-84

The MEGARA spectrograph is equipped with a 4k x 4k CCD. Given the wide wavelength coverage of the instrument the detector chosen will be a deep-depleted E2V CCD231-84 (see left panel above). This detector provides very low fringing and relatively good efficiency in the blue end of the optical window, specially when combined with the astro-2 coating provided by E2V (see right panel above).

In the figure below we show the total efficiency curves of the instrument, including the telescope, fibers, spectrograph, and detector on the left and the transmission when the different disperser elements are included:

MEGARA transmission (components) MEGARA transmission (setups)

The main characteristics of the MEGARA CCD are summarized in the table below.

CCD provider E2V
CCD model CCD 231-84 (Deep Depleted)
Coating astro-2
Number of pixels 4k x 4k 15 micron
Number of amplifiers 4 (in MEGARA it will be used in 2 ampl. mode)
Readout time 40 s (when using 2 amplifiers)
Readout noise 2 electrons
Efficiency >90% between 400-800 nm

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MEGARA transmission (components)

MEGARA transmission (setups)