Nicolás Cardiel
UCM, Madrid
Calar Alto Observatory, Almería, Spain

Softwave development


  • boundfit: Computation of data boundaries
  • button: library of graphics buttons with PGPLOT
  • cleanest: semiautomatic removal of cosmic rays
  • filabres: automatic reduction of direct imaging obtained with CAFOS (the 2.2m telescope at Calar Alto Observatory)
  • indexf: program to measure line-strength indices in spectra
  • kolores: computation of photometric measurements
  • proas: program for planning of astronomical observations
  • reduceme: package for the reduction of spectroscopic images
  • repdoc: program to facilate the subject assignment of each teach in the Physics of the Earth and Astrophysics Department
  • rgblues: Python script to predict RGB magnitudes from Gaia EDR3 photometric data
  • rmodel: program to deduce stellar populations parameters from line-strength index measurements
  • sedfit: program to fit SEDs from synthesis models to galaxy spectra
  • octopus: simulator of fibre spectrograph
  • ucmima: simple FITS image viewer for quick statistical analysis
  • xnirspec: visualisation and manipulation of FITS images
  • xpgp: generation of 2D plots


Data reduction pipelines

Virtual Observatory