REECL SQM network

Sky brightness data from SQM photometers of the Spanish Light Pollution Research Network.
REECL-NSB data repository is being archived at the Spanish Virtual Observatory (SVO)
See also Galician NSB Monitoring Network; Observatorio del Teide and Roque de los Muchachos
Do you want to contribute ? Contact J. Zamorano and join us.
More info and some results can be read at the poster presented at the IAU2015.

Histograms and Record plots


+ Observatorio UCM 40º27´04"N  03º43´34"W
Madrid (Ciudad Universitaria)
Madrid NE  40.45,-3.65
Inside Madrid ~5km from city center

Alcalá de Henares 40°26′02″N 03°17′56″W
Gurugú Residential ~40km from Madrid

Coslada (Madrid) 40 25 N , 03 31 W
Residential S of Madrid airport

+ IGN - Campus UAH     40.502194, -3.341
Alcalá de Henares Residential

+ Observ. Yebes - IGN 40°31'27"N 3°05'22"W
Guadalajara Rural area ~70km from Madrid
+ Madrid-Fuencarral 40.50111, -3.68364
residential area Madrid N
Madrid FCC 40.3742103,-3.6483627
c/ Luis I (residential area)
GMV - Tres Cantos 40º35'29"N  3º42'24"W
Residential Area Madrid N

+La Vara 43º 28' 21.6''N   6º 23' 26.7''W
Valdés, (Asturies) Rural ~25 km from Luarca
+ Observ. Cal Maciarol 42°01'09"N 0°44'40"E
Ager, Montsec, ~60km N of Lleida
+ Villaverde del Ducado 41°00'05"N 2°29'31"W
Guadalajara, Rural area ~130km from Madrid
Can Roig 41.826745,2.896287
Llagostera ~20km S of Girona
Porto (Portugal) 41.177340 N, 8.605900 W
Escola Secundária Filipa Vilhena
Tomares 37.375 N, 6.05153 W
Urban area near Sevilla
Huétor-Santillán 37.3 N , 3.43 W
Rural area ~12km E from Granada
Arroyo-Hurtado 38.0968N 1.6758W
rural area E of Murcia
La Sagra Observatory 37.98 N , 2.56 W
Rural area 1530m (Granada)
Observatorio Guirguillano 42.71167N 1.865W
rural area (Navarra)
+ Pamplona 42.82N 1.65 W
Residential area, city center
+ Sant Jordi de ses Salines 38.8929N, 1.39688E
(Eivissa) Residential near Ibiza airport
+ Puente la Reina 42.6725003N, 1.8154188W
rural area (Navarra)
+ Planetario de Pamplona 42.809 N ,1.6645 W
Urban area (Navarra)
+ Obs. Cala d'Hort 38.891141 N, 1.240841 E
(Eivissa) Rural San José de la Atalaya
+ Llessui 42° 27′ 09″ N, 01° 04′ 27″ E
Rural area 1500m (Lleida)
Parc natural Turia 39.5246N 0.5180W
Natural reserve near Valencia
+ Albufera de Valencia 39.357N 0.325 W
Natural reserve S of city
+ Miraflores de la Sierra 40.822 N 3.797 W
(Presa) rural area 40 km north of Madrid
+ Miraflores de la Sierra 40.814 N 3.765 W
(Pueblo) rural area 40 km N Madrid
Reus 41.15081N 1.1092 E
urban area (Tarragona)
Vigo (Wireless-Galicia) 38.16, -2.32
100 m urban area (Pontevedra)
+ Busot (MPC J02) 38.475485 N , 0.445046 W
urban area 19km N of Alicante
IES David Buján 43.2867554 N , 8.3573884 W
Rural, Cambre, A Coruña
Observ. Aras de los Olmos 39.9451, -1.1016
OAO-UV 1280m (90 km NW of Valencia)
+Observ A. Javalambre 40 02.5 N, 01 01 E
mountain 1957m (Teruel)
+Tavernes de la Valldigna 39.0724 N , 0.2692 W
rural area, Valencia
+ Cuenca MCCM 40.0768 N , 2.1306 W
Urban, Museo Ciencias de Castilla-La Mancha
+ Manzanera 40.057040N, 0.831853 W
rural area, Gúdar-Javalambre
+Mora de Rubielos 40.246001,-0.750129
rural area, Gúdar-Javalambre (Teruel)
+ Otos 38°51'12.7"N 0°26'36.4"W
València, Rural area Vall d'Albaida
+ Palau de Cerveró 39.4779989,-0.3760518
València, city center
+ Observ. Montcabrer 41°31'11"N 02°23'07"E
Residential (Cabrils) ~25km N of Barcelona
+ OA Sierra Nevada 37.06417 N, 3.38472 W
Mountain, Astronomical Obs. IAA-CSIC
Zillebeke 50.8345 N, 2.9203 E
rural area (Belgium)
Observ. Forcarei 42°36′38.61″N 08°22′15.27″W
Rural area (Pontevedra)
Majadahonda 40.4646156,-3.8620542
Residential ~17km from Madrid
Observatori Gavarres 41.984584N  2.908888E
Rural ~15km E of Girona
+ Observatorio. A. de Astronomía 37 24 54 N, 3 57 12 W
Alcalá la Real (Jaen), Rural area
Los Navalmorales 39.73 N, 4.65 W
Rural area 579m (Toledo)
Isaac Aznar Observatory 39.95 N , 1.109 W
Rural area 1270m (Valencia)
Porto (Portugal) 41.1773532,-8.606196
Escola Superior de Saúde do Politécnico
+ Escalona del Alberche 40.1049 N, 4.62234 W
Rural area 450m (Toledo)
+ OA Sierra Nevada 37.06417 N, 3.38472 W
Mountain, Astronomical Obs. IAA-CSIC
+ OA Sierra Nevada 37.06417 N, 3.38472 W
Mountain, Astronomical Obs. IAA-CSIC
+ OA Sierra Nevada 37.06417 N, 3.38472 W
Mountain, Astronomical Obs. IAA-CSIC

The graphs and the data files were created with PySQM free software