UCM group of Extragalactic astrophysics and astronomical instrumentation
Dept. Astrofísica y CC de la Atmósfera   Univ. Complutense de Madrid
Research lines:
Local star-forming galaxies
Galaxy models
Surveys Databases
SHARDS project
Stellar libraries
Early-type galaxies
Meteors and Fireballs
Dark Skies
Instrumental developments:
MEGARA:Multi-Espectrógrafo en GTC de Alta Resolución para Astronomía
EMIR: Espectrógrafo Multiobjeto en el InfraRrojo
FRIDA: inFrared Imager and Dissector for Adaptative optics

Call for applications for IScAI 2010

The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias and partner institutions announce the 2010 edition of the International School for Advanced Instrumentation (IScAI).

HST/WFC3 Multi-cycle Treasury Program awarded to AEGIS

A HST/WFC3 Multi-cycle Treasury Program, led by Sandy Faber, has been awarded to the AEGIS collaboration. We will now be able to add a chunk of high-resolution, supremely sensitive J and H band imaging and ACS parallels to the fantastic existing sets of data in our favorite regions of sky, including the EGS. In Groth, this will amount to a contiguous region of 3x15 WFC3 tiles or about 200 sq arcmins.

More info can be found at the HST Multi-cycle Treasury Program web page

Released Milia and Pymilia 0.3.0

Milia 0.3.0 and Pymilia 0.3.0 are now available for download.

Milia is a C++ library created to compute cosmological ages and distances in the Friedmann-Lemaître-Robertson-Walker metric. Pymilia is a python package containing python wrappers for milia.

Dr. Kurt Birkle, in memoriam

A tragic accident has taken Dr. Kurt Birkle, former director of Calar Alto Observatory, away from us.

We are very sad and specially those GUAIX members which carried out the UCM Survey whose observations were taken with the Calar Alto Schmidt telescope. We remember his careful and detailed explanations for baking the photographic plates, for loading the chassis, for focussing the telescope, for the guiding and for the plate processing. He was a necessary contributor to the success of the UCM Survey.

GUAIX hosted AEGIS Meeting at Toledo

Some GUAIX members joint top level astronomers (Sandy Faber, David Koo and Giovanni Fazio) for this family photo taken at Toledo during last AEGIS Meeting.

More pictures at image gallery

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